Abstractum: The Electrogenic Music Of Val Stephen

Abstractum: The Electrogenic Music Of Val Stephen

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Format: Vinyl
Genre: Electronic/Dance
Rel. Date: 04/18/2015
UPC: 934334401342

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A lost collection of home studio tape manipulations and VCS3 synthesizer experiments from the unsung Australian composer Val Stephen. A practising medical anaesthetist turned electronic music innovator, Stephen's study of tape music originates back as early as the 1950s. Throughout the following decades he created a remarkable personal archive of uncharted electronic compositions and experimental music sketches using a range of resourceful tools and pioneering techniques. With only two of his compositions ever published (Folkways - Electronic Music. 1967) ABSTRACTUM is an amazing look into the previously undocumented world of this silent innovator. A hallucinogenic hybrid of sedated synthesis & primordial Musique Concrete that will appeal to those interested in experimental music such as Basil Kirchin's Worlds Within Worlds and Pierre Henry's Le Voyage. 

* Limited to 500 copies for North America


1. Rhythmic Jungle, 2. Rhythm Alternate, 3. Untitled 1, 4. Untitled 2, 5. Untitled 3, 6. Abstractum, 7. Echovessence, 8. Music For An Imaginary Tv Ballet