Breakdown/Crawl Back

Breakdown/Crawl Back

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Format: 7" Vinyl
Label: Crooked Beat Records
Rel. Date: 04/18/2015
UPC: 638302575966

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Stalwart musicians from the indie North Carolina scene, features members of Insurgence DC, Milagro Saints, Mercators.

Indio Bravo is a band from Raleigh, NC. With a common interest in bands like the Replacements and also indie rock bands from the early 1990's, Roberto Morales (Insurgence DC, Milagro Saints) and Eric Doyle (Mercators) linked up with other veterans of NC indie bands in that of Brandon Howell and Steven Bailey (Waxing Myrna and Paloma) in 2014 to craft and create their own unique wall of sound. This is their first of hopefully many records with our label. The songs featured are Breakdown and Crawl Back.


"Breakdown"/"Crawl Back"