Two Games, One Record (A Two-Player Game Played at 33 1/3 RPM)

Two Games, One Record (A Two-Player Game Played at 33 1/3 RPM)

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Format: 7" Colored Vinyl
Label: Microfiche Records
Rel. Date: 04/18/2015
UPC: 638845046121

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The follow up to the successful and out of print RPM Turntable Football, is the 2015 Record Store Day Exclusive RPM Turntable Baseball!  The envelope has been pushed a little further as this record has a whopping 13 grooves spread over one 7".  The A side is the title game, players take turns getting runs, outs, home runs, and more as they play a full 9 inning game on their turntable.  There's even a separate band of grooves should you feel like you'd like to try to steal a base.  The B-side is The Concession Stand Challenge.  This game is both an homage to stadium mascot races and to the horse racing turntable games of the 50's.  You name the stakes and the record chooses the winner; it could be Hot Dog, Salted Nuts, Nachos, Soft Pretzel, or Falafel. Both of these games again use Decagonaphonic Multi-groove Technology.  Jay Grainer and Barry Dingle return to provide color commentary on all the action and offer clear instructions when to advance your players to the next base, or add an out to your score card. Available for the first time ever on Record Store Day 2015, exclusively in a limited edition colored vinyl. Get it while you can.

Format: 7" Opaque Blue Vinyl, scorecard
Packaging: Deluxe matchbook jacket, RSD stickered